Saturday, November 27, 2010

What to wear?

Temperature as low as -10° C (14° F) at the start of todays training. During the whole ride my heart rate monitor showed -10 degrees. And that is the lowest temperature it can register...

This was what I was wearing today, head to toe: helmet, buff, scullcap with wind protection in the forehead, long sleeve jersey, short sleeve jersey, long sleeve base layer, lobster gloves, roubaix bib shorts, No wind tights, two pairs of overshoes, MTB-shoes and wool socks. In my pocket was a pair of thin gloves and an extra buff. Just in case. As I was about to leave my apartment I thought it would be smart with a vest to protect my front side from the wind. That proved to be a good idea as it was quite windy today.

My arms was quite cool for the first half hour or so (and my face of course..) but the rest of me was not to cold. Head, hands and feet is the most important thing to keep warm in order to have a pleasant ride in these  conditions. Maybe a thermo jacket would have made things even better, but I kind of like my long sleeve jersey and who needs warm arms anyway?

I had very pretty ice beads in my eyelashes after about 20 minutes into my training. Face was red from the cold air and the head wind. 

This is how it looks between Toftbyn and Svärdsjö, as if you did not already knew that.

Some fifteen minutes or so away from home and that last climb is waiting for me. Picture is taken when leaving Skuggarvet behind me. 

For the first hour I felt strong. After about one and a half hour I started getting low energy levels so I ate some marzipan and that gave me my power back. I was out for two and a half hours today and pushing it a bit in the climbs during the last 40 minutes. Average hart rate was 150 and my maximum heart rate was 171 Came home feeling great. Cold, but great. I had not noticed that my feet was cold, but when I got inside it felt like they where burning. Wached the live stream from the cyclocross world cup in Koksijde with my three year old son whilst getting my body temperature back to normal before taking a warm shower.  Been eating and drinking since I got home and will take a break now for a good night's sleep. 

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