Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rapha 500 - day 6

Being a bit behind schedule I knew I had to go out for a ride yesterday if there would be any hope left to make the magic 500. Because of the promise I made to myself that I would not use valuable family time I went out when the kids were put to bed. So this ride started at 8.49 pm in total darkness, a ligth rain, some wind and +1 degree C. Perfect conditions!

The storm Dagmar did not only take some trees down with her, it also ment that almost all the snow disapered. Not much winter feeling left, even if some christmas lights do their best

I opted for a small and "cozy" road on my way back home. That road was partly completely covered with ice, which made it very interesting in the darkness...

After 1½ hour the rain stopped and a bit later the asphalt sparkled.

Not much action in central Falun when I got back

Got back at 11.30 pm, adding 64.53 km to my Rapha 500. Average speed: 25.2 km/h and average heart rate: 141.

Total kilometers after day 6: 270.97
Yesterdays Garmin data


  1. Great effort... and nice photos!

  2. You are mad! This is meant in the most complimentory way possible! ;)

  3. Impressive! Where did you get the reflective letters on your fender?