Friday, December 24, 2010

The Rapha Festive 500 - day 1

Making the 500 will be a difficult task. To cold, to much snow and to much at work. But I will try, the worst thing that could happen would be me getting fit. Got nothing to lose. To get some kilometers I rode my bike to work today. Good thing my work is located in another city. Bad thing would be that it's only about 26 km to work which means commuting to work by bike will not be enough. 
Pictures and Garmin data:
-14 C (  6.8 F ) at the start today and some cozy -13 C ( 8.6 F ) when I got to work.

25 minutes from work I got to see the sunrise.

Sun looking all warm and nice. But it was not warm today, not at all.

On my way home in the dark. Bike lanes almost all the way!

-16 C ( - 3.2  F ) when I rolled out of Borlänge, and when I got home our thermometer showed -23 C ( -9.4 F ). Good temperatures for taking cool pictures.

Going to work:

Going home from work:

Day one: 26.11 km + 25.66 km = 51.77 km
Only 448.23 km to go!


  1. I think you should win first place!

  2. Fantastic ride. I can't conceive of making such a ride myself. Skiing, snow camping, mountaineering? Yes. Riding a bike at -14C? No. I'm in comfortable California, and I don't think I'll be able to complete the Festive 500 under our almost perfect conditions.

    Happy holidays and good riding.