Monday, July 29, 2013

Commuting and hill efforts

On August 17:th I'm participating in one of the worlds biggest mountainbike marathons: Cykelvasan. When they opened their registration they sold out in ELEVEN minutes. That is 12000 registered participants in eleven minutes!

I finished in 35:th position last year and I have the intention to try and be a bit higher up in the results this year. It's a superfast and easy course so there will be large groups staying together. First of all I need to get in a fast group (aiming for the first group...) and then I need good legs for the sprint to the finishline. 

Because I'm having my focus on road cycling, these last weeks is where I try to become comfortable and fast on my mountainbike again. I had my focus on mountainbiking until 2011 so it's nothing I'm new to, but the guys who allways ride their mountainbikes have an advantage. Because the course is so easy, road experience is good to have. In fact, you can ride the whole course with a cyclocross bike. If it weren't for the rules that forbid cyclocross bikes in mountainbike races...

To get some miles on my mountainbike I did a three hour ride to work last Friday. Started at 5.20 am and had a fantastic morning on some of my favorite trails.

Yesterday I was out doing some hill efforts. Actually felt quite good! I did four climbs that lasted about 4-5 minutes each. Today I will do an other hard session on my mountainbike and then I will go back to my road bike for the rest of this week. Got a SWE-Cup race in Kalmar this saturday so I really need to keep my road legs.

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