Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One year later...

Time flies.

I'm still riding my bikes. Mostly my Bianchi Sempre road bike. Started a new road team in the club which I'm still the chairman: Falu CK. This is seven out of the nine guys in Falu CK Elit, I'm the second one from the right:

We're no top team, but we got one victory in a national race and a couple of us have taken some points in the SWE-Cup.

I also started a series of local road races for this season. It's ten small races that I organize to let road cyclists from our area practice racing. It's not easy when you are fresh to cycling to get out and do the big races, so this is a opportunity for them to learn what to do in a race, and when to do it.

I got a new personal sponsor! Bianchi Sweden and Sony Mobile are still my partners and this year Mitsubishi Sweden is helping me. Big thanks to all of you! This Mitsubishi Outlander is what I'm drivning 2013:

Hopefully it won't be another year until I post something here. I've been pretty active at Instagram and that has inspired me to open up this blog again. So until next time: ride safe!

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