Monday, May 14, 2012

Cyclocross ride

I spent four and a half hour on the Zurigo crossbike this saturday, it's always fun to go fast on dirtroads whit that bike, love it! I've been thinking about organizing a race on theese roads, but I might just keep them to myself...  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some pics

I'm also on Instagram now: Oijer

Did some speed training with the fast men (and boys) from Borlänge earlier this week. Ended up 3:rd. Have done one real road race also (SWE-Cup), on Swedens hardest road race course. Ended up with a DNF, but on the positive side half of the field had allready abandonded when I gave up.

Our cycling club have started with the kids and youth training, four years ago it was 10 kids, now we are 55-60 kids! 

A couple of weeks ago Bianchi equipped me with a 29:er and I had the opportunity to do a test ride on what is going to be a MTB-Marathon on an easy track in Stockholm. See for more information.

I have done some great MTB commuting to work the last couple of weeks, it's about 25-30 kilometers to work