Saturday, July 30, 2011


A really cool video from the early days of mountainbiking, this is how it all started

I have been sick all week. Feeling a bit better today though so I might just be back in the saddle in a couple of days. Keep your fingers crossed!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Playground fun

This morning I was at a nearby playground with my kids. They had a lot of fun there.

A couple of hours later I was there by my self, had a blast!
After playing around for a while I actually did some serious training as well. Did three climbing efforts and played a little more after that. Long time since I used that cyclocross of mine but it was ( of course ) super fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Night rider

After that fun-race I did last week I have been taking it easy and took some days of my bike to recover.
But now I'm back in the saddle again and trying to get into shape once more.
Today I started my Garmin at 8:08 pm and the day before yesterday I started the Garmin at 10:13 pm. The day before yesterday was not great, but today I felt much better and was able to push my pedals quite hard. I did two flat efforts and one up a nearby hill. After that I just rolled for a while and had fun with my camera.

Pictures from the day before yesterday:

Todays collection:

Friday, July 15, 2011

MTB Marathon and a local road race

Last weekend i participated in a big MTB-marathon only 50 km from home. 838 starters in the main event plus youth-races as well. 68 kilometers on a mix of gravel roads, dirt roads, singletrack and asphalt. It's one of the faster marathons here in Sweden with fast and easy singletracks. Super fun despite lacking technical challenges. A great event for those who are new into mountainbiking.
I'm in that green and white jersey, #84
I was in good shape and made a big group fighting for positions 10-20. Felt great during the race but ran out of fuel towards the end and ended up in 34:th spot. Next big thing I hope to participate in will be the Cykelvasan (13:th august), biggest Marathon in Sweden with 6000 (that's their limit...) participants in the main event. It's the same organisation that hosts the worlds biggest cross country skiing event Vasaloppet. Before that I might just do a couple of smaller races as well.

A video that was shot from the end of the starting climb wich took us 182 meters up in 2.9 kilometers. You can see me from 1:25-1:32 in that green and white jersey.

The day before yesterday I did a local training road race in Torsång, Borlänge. Two 33 km long races with about 30 people of various capacity. Pretty flat rolling terrain made it easy to sit in the bunch. During the first race I tried to get away a couple of times in different groups but it ended up in a bunch sprint in which I was fourth. In the second race a group of ten was created about halfway in to the race and I was one of them. Unfortunately I had wasted too much energy that day so I could not do much and ended sixth in the sprint. For some those local races are like the world championships, but for me it's just great fun. Took a few shots during and after the race:

The breakaway in the second race

Me and the winner of both races, Roberto Vacchi, most known for being the cycling commentator on Eurosport.

We were three guys from Falun that rode home together

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Here are some pictures from the last five months...

This one was taken close to Tällberg in the end of march

A nice day on my bike...

Finally the snow was gone and i went for my first long mountain bike ride

My friend Jens Westergren

I get most of my training from riding my bike to work, this picture was taken on my way home from work

Damp dirt road

My first really long road bike ride this year took me around the lake Siljan

A group ride on a road race course that had some sections of gravel road

About 20,000 people rode the biggest cycling event in Sweden, Vätternrundan. I did the 295 km in seven hours and 12 minutes.

A practice race here in Falun

I watched a road race here in Falun where Team Cykelcity dominated and took the first six places.

This last weekend I was up in the Swedish mountains to participate in an event with Bianchi Sweden, got to ride some mountainbike in Lindvallen as the place is called.