Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting back to life

Man, that Rapha Festive 500 was tough! I didn't sleep enough and was out for several hours in cold weather. So it was no big surprise that I caught a cold. Or maybe it was just my throat that got strained from all the cold air... Four days of rest seems to have done the work tough, so tonight I will do some training again. Thinking about cross country skiing. But I'm also considering a session on the Monark to see if I have gotten any stronger by all those hours in the saddle. But these four rest days have not been good for me, so I am probably no stronger anyway... I need to ski in order to get fast for the Vasaloppet, so that is probably what I will be doing after the kids fall a sleep tonight.
And also; I want to extend my blog list, do you have any recommendations? I want cycling inspiration.


  1. Have you received your well deserved limited edition Rapha Festive 500 badge?


  2. http://cyclinginquisition.blogspot.com/ - a great cycling blog

  3. Curious to know what tyres you're using on the snowy/icy roads?

  4. I have a studded front tire with 240 studs in it. My rear tire is a mud tire. Works well, but when I get to much money I will invest them in a pair of studded tires with 300 studs/tire.