Friday, February 10, 2012

XC-skiing and Bianchi 2012

During the last couple of days I have been out twice on my 29-30 year old skiis. Great training and also super fun. As a child I loved skiing and skied a lot, but from age 15 and until I was almost 28 I didn't go skiing even once. But when I ended my elite career in cycling I targeted Vasaloppet wich is Swedens biggest crosscountry skiing event with 15800 people starting at the same time and doing a 90 kilometer long race between Sälen and Mora. My goal was to finish the race in less than six hours (the winner crosses the finish line in about four hours) and I did make it in the time 5:45:57. Really happy with that! The following year my aim was to make it in less than five hours but work and other stuff made it hard to prepare so I didn't race at all. Now I have done two sessions this winter and my second one was my third fastest ever, so now I'm thinking of doing the Vasa ski race again this year, but it's only 23 days away! If I do the race then six hours will be my target again but I also have to do a qualifying race so I don't have to start dead last.
When I did Vasaloppet in 2010 I had qualifyed to the 4:th starting group (out of ten) and my result in Vasaloppet qualifyed me for the 3:rd start group if I was going to race in 2011. Because I didn't race at all last year I need at least one race before the race this year for seeding purposes.
Me and my skiis. I also have a pair of new (in 2010 anyway,  and only used about 10 times) Fischer skiis wich are top of the line, world cup quality. But I only use my racing skiis when racing or preparing for race.

I will continue riding Bianchi bikes in 2012, focusing more on road and cyclocross and a bit less on MTB than I did in 2011. This year will however be my first on 29" and after trying a 29:er in the forest in late 2011 I am really stoked about that.

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