Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shame on me

This thing with keeping two blogs alive does not work so well for me. My swedish blog is alive and kicking with about 600-900 unique visitors every day. Maybe that is what's missing here, visitors. ;) Another lame excuse is that I communicate in english on Google+ now, feel free to add me there. I'm still alive though and here are some photos from my phone this autum
Beautiful sunset by a frosen lake close to the Norwegian border
Commuting with a 2012 29:er from Bianchi
Wednesday Worlds in Falun, Sweden. We had about 20-35 participants each week this season, great fun!
Club championchips for kids up to 12 years old. I have two kids in this big field and have been elected chairman of the club for another year.
On my way to a great weekend with my wife at a hotel three hours ride from home

Pimped my winter bike with some reflector tape

I have started my winter training and I'm aming to get a little bit faster next year. Still no snow in Sweden though, what's up with that? Now I have started a group ride on sundays, this sunday will be our third ride and I'm really looking forward to that.

Please help me out here, should I continue this blog and what would you like me to write about?

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  1. I only recently came across your blog and have been reading your posts. The photography is great so please keep posting great pics of the roads you ride. I'm always interested in finding out how people in other parts of the world train and race.