Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Henrik Öijer Honorary Award 2010

I'm so proud of this award. From 2010 a group within the Swedish Cycling Union, called CX Sverige, will hand out an award to the best man and woman in Swedish cyclocross. I did not get the award, but it has my name on it. You see, I am Henrik Öijer. They named the award after me for what I have done for cyclocross in Sweden. I feel so honored to have this award named after me, it feels unreal.

News found on he homepage of The Swedish Cycling Union (translated by Google.com/translate):
"Karin Aune and Emil Lindgren got Henry Öijer Honorary Prize 2010
2010-11-23 19:45
Karin and Emily was awarded the Henry Öijer Honorary Prize in the East Bike Crossen of Engineering on Saturday.

The jury said:

Karin Aune, Örebro Cyclists
Road pro showing that cyclo-cross is a very good addition for fall and winter season.This shows she is by far, by taking multiple victories and holds the line on domestic cup Merida Northwave CX Cup.

Emil Lindgren, Rabobank-Giant/Alingsås CK
MTB-pro, which according to many, is Sweden's most humble cyclist. He shows that the Cyclo-Cross is a very good supplement during fall and winter season. Emil won the Championship and has several wins in Merida, Northwave CX-Cup 2010 and holds the lead in the Cup."

The Swedish version: 

"Karin Aune och Emil Lindgren fick Henrik Öijers Hederspris 2010
2010-11-23 19:45
Karin och Emil tilldelades Henrik Öijers Hederspris i samband med Öster Cykelcrossen i Jönköping i lördags.

Juryns motivering:

Karin Aune, Örebrocyklisterna 
Landsvägsproffset som visar att Cyclo-cross är ett väldigt bra komplement under höst- och vintersäsongen. Detta visar hon med råge genom att ha tagit flera segrar samt innehar ledningen den nationella cupen Merida Northwave CX-Cup. 

Emil Lindgren, Rabobank-Giant/Alingsås CK 
MTB-proffset, som enligt många, är Sveriges mest ödmjuka cyklist. Han visar att Cyclo-Cross är ett väldigt bra komplement under höst- och vintersäsongen. Emil vann årets SM och har tagit flera segrar i Merida Northwave CX-Cup 2010 och innehar ledningen i cupen."

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