Monday, November 29, 2010

More Monark

When I woke up this morning we had -13° C ( 8.6° F ) outside the kitchen window. I had planned a ride outside because the weather forecast for the next days promises even colder temperatures. But the temperature rose to slow, so I cancelled todays outdoor plans and prepared mentally for a hard time on the Monark.

To make the training a bit more pleasant I brought my computer. It contains 38 full lenght cyclocross races and that offers some distraction when my legs are begging me to stop. I wached the 2008 GVA Trofee from Hasselt. Great action. And watching others give it there all helps me to push my self a little bit more. 2 * 20 minutes @ about 290 watts was todays figures. If I, sometime during this winter, can do 3 * 20 minutes @ 300+ watts without killing myself I will be more than pleased. I think it is possible, do you?

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