Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ice cold

Today was probably the coldest day of this winter and I celebrated that with a long ride on my bike. I did not do much asphalt today but tried to stay on the smaller dirt roads instead. Less cars, more nature and slower speed (less wind cooling...). I started with a moderate intensity, trying to save some energy for later on. This was going to be my longest ride for a while and I did not know how my body would react to the distance. That, and I did not want to risk going out of energy at this cold temperature. When your body runs out of energy it stops warming itself, nothing you want to experience when it's ice cold outside.

-13.5º C  ( 7.7º F ) at the start of todays ride. Tried the thermo jacket for the first time in a very long time. Felt great and even kept my arms warm. Fingers and toes where more of a problem today though.

Five minutes from home and already out in the countryside.

A Swedish Cyclist

I the beginning I was going so slow that I actually laughed at myself, after a while the speed had increased a bit and when I was getting closer to home I increased the tempo slightly and pushed my self to go faster. It felt great, but I know that it is easy to feel great when riding alone.

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