Saturday, November 20, 2010

Something new

This blog will be all about me, a cyclist living in Sweden. After many years as an elite cyclist I decided to take a step back after the 2009 season. During 2010 I have been riding for fun and attended only a few races. The reason I chose to step down was not due to lack of motivation, but because I have kids and a wife that I wanted to spend more time with. I have, for some years now, been writing a blog in Swedish and that have been a lot of fun. I will continue writing in that blog but will also try this English thing out. English is my second language so don't expect no linguistic miracle here. Instead I'll try to post many photos to inspire you to get out on your bikes. Why read text when there are pictures?
Except this brand new blog, I am also starting up my training again. I want to stay in shape and I love to ride my bikes. In 2010, my training has been sporadic and I feel much better when I do at least three training sessions a week. During the 2011 season I will probably do the National Mountainbike Marathon Series, a couple of road races and also some cyclocross races.

Here are som photos from todays ride. Managed to get three long hours in the saddle with an average hart rate of 145 (74% of my maximum hart rate). Felt great for the first hour or so. Halfway through the training session I had to slow down a bit in order to make it home. Not quite in shape yet...

Todays trip: Falun - Bjursås - Sågmyra - Rexbo - Smedsbo - Falun

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