Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 4 of the Rapha Festive 500 - Ride to Redemption

One day late, but I blew into pieces yesterday and today my family and I have gone back to Falun where we live. That's why I haven't updated this blog. This weekend I used the power of Internet to find some company for a monday ride. It is always much nicer with company on the rides, plus I really don't know where to go in Stockholm... Three strong men came to my rescue: Mats, Johan and Christian (who also is doing the Rapha 500). They were all riding road tires while I was riding with my studded tires...

That's me in the Bianchi outfit. Photo: Johan

After 1.45 of the ride I had an average heart rate of 165 (84.2% of my maximum) and was thinking of how long I could make it without blowing into pieces. Luckily (for me anyway...) one of the other guys lost some power so we had to slow down. Towards the end we did some sprints and power climbs to get rid of any energy left in our bodies. It was a great ride and it was fun to ride with some new company. They are actually thinking of going to Falun to do one of our Sunday rides.
Cycling + Internet = A better world

Here are some photos from my smart phone:

I came home with shattered legs and almost 94 more kilometers to the collection.

This gives me a total of 206.44 kilometers with 4 days to go. It's time to move up a gear! Garmin data here.

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  1. ...one of the other guys... Thanks for the coverup, but we all know it was me :-)