Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday ride - a walk in the snow

It's official, we now have snow here in Falun!
For all the Sunday rides this winter I have decided where to go, today I didn't. It turned out to be a great adventure and for some of us a lot of walking in the snow...
12 riders started todays Sunday ride, that is a new season best!

Nice roads in the beginning of the ride

Great balance-traning..

There were some crashes also...

The sign says: Bad road All traffic is at your own risk

The tracks from cars ended and we where "forced" to ride in the snow. With the easiest gear on my cyclocross it was actually a lot easier than trying to ride car tracks that my friends had ridden in before me.

One of the guys promised ice cream for those who could ride their bikes up this little climb. I was the only one that made it all the way up!

After an hour and a half fighting the snow we came out on plowed roads again and everybody was happy again! I got 3 hours and 18 minutes of active riding today and afterwards we all are probabrly happy with the ride today. Next sunday we might just go for a ride with some more biking and less walking...


  1. I can't even start imagining what it is like to ride in conditions like this. How many layers do you wear? It's very beautiful but I bet it's freezing cold.

  2. Wool socks, normal MTB-shoes with two shoe covers, vinter tights from Bianchi, long sleeved base layer, normal bike jersey and a long sleeved jersey, Bianchi winter gloves and a Buff on my head. If you freeze you just have to pedal harder. :)