Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rapha Festive 500 - day 3

So today it's the third day of the Rapha Festive 500 and also my second day of riding my bike. Didn't expect a ride today but when my wife asked me if I wasn't going out for a ride I really had to go. Yesterday we celebrated christmas (in Sweden we celebrate christmas on christmas eve) early and then we drove to Stockholm for a surprise visit to my mother in law and my wifes sister and her family.
So now I'm in Stockholm. The sun goes down at about 3 pm this time of the year so I knew I was going to ride in the dark. I looked at some maps and decided for a route on mostly gravel and dirt roads because I didn't want to be in the Stockholm traffic in the dark.

We are staying at my mother in law, she lives in a suburb (Husby, Kista) about 15 kilometers north of central Stockholm and it only takes a few minutes to get to this place where there is no traffic and quite a few small dirt roads.

A few minutes later I was out on the damp dirt roads

I really need to get my self a decent headlight so I can enjoy also the dark rides

Going back to the suburb

A short ride is better than no ride. Today I got another 28.82 kilometers to the bank.

My bike picked up some dirt from the roads today, so it will probably be less dirty next time...

 Total kilometers: 112.58, you'll find todays Garmin data here

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  1. Hats off to your for riding in the dark and cold. You must be highly motivated. By the way: in Germany we celebrate Xmas on Christmas Eve as well.