Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Rapha Festive 500 - day 3

In sweden we celebrate christmas on christmas eve. So yesterday I had a great day with my family. That great family day ment zero kilometers on my bike. I did not care then, but today I was ready for my punishment. From the start of the Rapha Festive 500 the average amount of kilometers you had to ride each day was 62.5. After the first day I knew I had to do 64 kms the other days. And after yesterdays rest day I now have to do 75 km/day. Tough task when I only have a limited amount of hours to ride my bike due to work and family. On a good ride I average 21 km/h, so I do not get that many kilometers on my few training hours either.
My kids in front of the christmas tree.

To get some extra kilometers in my book I got up at 5.30 AM this morning. That gave me an extra hour in the saddle before work. Dark in the morning, and dark when I went home. This morning the moon kept me company and actually helped a lot. I think it's much nicer to see something when I ride my bike. I have a bike lamp, but that is mostly for the cars to see me. I do not see much with it. Rode some smaller roads and dirt roads today before work. That ment no street lights for much of the ride. 
Had -14.5 C ( 5.9 F ) in the morning. On my way home the temperature was up to -11.5 C ( 11.3 F ) and it actually felt warm. Interesting how the human body adopts fast. -11.5 aint warm! Tomorrow we will have about - 6 C ( 21.2 F ) here in Falun. Big question is what to wear at that hot temperature!?

Some of you may think that I am suffering a lot doing these rides in the dark, cold and snowy conditions. But it actually does not bother me. I love riding my bike and enjoy every minute of it.

Going to work:

Going home from work:

Day one: 26.11 km + 25.66 km = 51.77 km
Day two: 0 km
Day three: 41.81 km + 28.8 km = 70.69 km
Only 377.54 km to go!

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