Monday, December 27, 2010

The Rapha Festive 500 - day 5

The only photo of the day. Started working at 0600 today, so I went up at 03:40 and started my Garmin at 04:14. Only for you Rapha, only for you... Had the best average speed of this week with an amazing 23.9 km/h. The 38.56 kilometers I got before work had been okay. If only I had done som training after work as well. But my wife wanted to pick me up after work so I would get more family time. And who can argue against that?
Now I have 251.51 kilometers left to do. In three days. You do the math. It is not impossible, but almost. Even if I fail, I have gotten some really good hours on my bike so I won't regret this at all. But I hate losing so it does not feel to good right now. I should have started of a lot harder. Maybe I should pay a visit to our velodrome...

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